Mistborn: A heist of Epic Proportions

Mistborn: an Epic Fantasy long ago where magic is based on metallurgy, and the nobility have all the power.

MistbornNow imagine a small band of thieves who plan to overthrow the whole system.

Vin is a skaa–a street slave of the capital city, Luthadel. She’s survived by being invisible and using her secret power, Luck. Anytime she needs someone to do something she wants, Vin presses them with a bit of her Luck. She doesn’t know how she does it. She just reaches down within her and burns it.

Then along comes Kelisar. He rescues her from the thief band that’s been abusing her. He includes her in his own team–a team of equals–and treat her with respect.

But this has to be too good to be true.

Kelisar teaches Vin that her Luck is actually a metal magic called allemancy. First, she swallows metal shavings and burns them. Then she can Push or Pull against metal, Sooth or Enrage people, and many more abilities. Each member of the Kesler’s team has one of those abilities. While Vin is waiting for the other shoe to drop (like it always has), she can learn allemancy from each of them.

As long as she doesn’t get attached to any of them. If life has taught Vin anything, it’s to never trust. Never get to close. When she trusts someone, that’s when they betray her.

That’s when her brother betrayed her.

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