Quick Flax Pudding (chocolate pudding)

Flax PuddingWhy have I paired this food with Illuminae? Well, I’ll tell you.

First though, here’s the recipe:

Chocolate Flax Pudding

And now, what on Earth does Flax Pudding have to do with Illuminae–a zombie space movie?

Ha, ha … ha, ha, ha … umm, ew.

The first time I ate this Flax pudding, I didn’t make the chocolate version. I made it without the cocoa and added some smashed peaches or something. It was tasty, it was. But I kept gagging. I couldn’t figure it out. It tasted fine, it had a good texture. Why am I grossed out? I mean, it was gray, but what’s the big deal about gray food?

Gray pudding …

Gray squishy pudding …

Wait a minute …

This looks like brain matter.


So if you ever need to bring a dish for a Zombie Apocalypse Party, use this pudding! Subtract the cocoa from the recipe, triple it, and warm it in a big pot over the stove. Spoon it up into individual serving bowls, and (ta-duh!) human brains for your Zombie party.

If, however, that thoroughly disgusts you (like me), then add the cocoa. Chocolate pudding. Yum!

And now you know why I paired this food with Illuminae. Aren’t you glad you asked? (I dare you to make the pudding.)

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