Star Trek Discovery meets Harry Potter

That’s right folks!  Star Trek has gone to Hogwarts!  (At least to recruit one of its newest members for the new TV show, Star Trek Discovery, coming in summer/early fall of 2017.)

Are you ready???  I’m so psyched!!!  It’s …



The main character of the upcoming show will be Sonequa Martin-Green, one of the lieutenant commanders aboard the Discovery, but Jacob Isaacs is playing the part of captain.

Can he carry a cane with a snake on it?  Pretty please??

In other news (ie my writing update): I’ve finished editing 25 out of 28 chapters.  After that, I’m adding 2 more tiny chapters in the middle of the book to build suspense.  Because all books need more suspense.

3 ….

2 …

1 …


See, suspense is good!

Have a great Monday!

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