Lost Stars by Claudia Gray (a Star Wars story)

In Lost Stars by Claudia Gray, “History is written by the winner.”

Lost StarsSee this quote lived out by two children, Thane and  Cienna, raised after the rise of the Empire. They’re so proud to be accepted to the Imperial Academy. They hate the terrorists, those rebels, with an honest passion.

But what happens when the Death Star blows Aldaraan to bits? How can they keep their oaths to the Empire and still be a decent people?

“It’ll cut the war by 5 years and save hundreds of lives.”

OK, that wasn’t the exact quote, but the basic idea. Here I wanted to hate the cadets who stayed loyal only to be forced to face my own American history and logic for the nuclear bomb.

Now I will say the rot of the Empire eventually becomes undeniable. The only subjects capable of staying loyal have to believe they are indeed superior to those they destroy and enslave.  So the Evil Empire is finally proven to be, well, evil.

The story jogs along comfortably at first, but after Aldaraan and the Death Star explode, grab a hold of those handle bars and enjoy a speeder ride through Movie 4-6 from an entirely new point if view.

Now I’m going to add a personal note:

The ending didn’t give me the reconciliation I wanted after flying through the whole the book.  I understand many of you sniff at sickly sweet endings, and I get that. So here’s a book that won’t give you a toothache.

As for me, I’ve experienced enough random lose of life.  I needed an escape, not a replay, of hard, real life.  I needed to see people change and conquer their stubbornness. Recognize the lie and finally face it. Fight it!  And stand victorious.  Maybe that’s just me?

(Still, a well written and thrilling ride of a story.)

Enjoy Lost Stars!

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