Life Debt by Wendig: Lots of Han Solo

There’s lots of Han Solo and a good amount of Chewy in Life Debt,

Life DebtThe second book in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy.  (Because trilogy is how Star Wars does story.)  And I loved it.  Wendig nailed Han’s personality, mannerisms, and boatloads of lucky breaks.

Leia was good too.

Chewy wants to free his planet, Kashyyyk, from a siege of Imperials.  A remnant of 3 Star Destroyers has staked claim on the Wookie planet and dug in their heels.  Leia appeals to the Senate, but government moves as fast as a snail on the back of a turtle.

This ain’t the Rebellion anymore–when a group of fighters could jet off and save somebody.  Nope.  This is the New Republic.  We must all vote.  We must argue first.  If you jet off and save somebody without permission, that reflects badly upon the new government’s ability to keep control.

blah blah blah

So Han and Chewy jet off to save Kashyyyk.  By themselves.  And it does not go well.

When they don’t report back, Leia sends the crew from Aftermath–Norra, Jas, Temmin, Sinjir, and Jom–to the rescue.  And Mister Bones, because what is a rescue mission without a psychedelic battle droid?

Did I mention Wookies?  This story has lots and lots of Wookies.

Seriously, Life Debt was just fun!
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