A First Draft is like a Good Sneeze


SneezeYes, I’m having fun with this post.  But if I have to blog, might as well have fun with it.

So, after reading many books on writing and following the blogs of other modern SciFi and Fantasy authors, I’ve seen the first draft of a novel compared to many things–barfing and taking a dump the most common.  As gross as that is, it feels very close to the truth.  I hated every word of my first draft, but I also couldn’t hold it in.  I remember writing my story and saying out loud,

I hate this!  I hate this!  I hate this!

But for me, I have another image for writing my first draft: a good sneeze.  Think about it.  First there’s that irritating itch.  I want it to go away, I start looking for a Kleenex, but I also don’t want to jinx it.  Nothing compares to the letdown of a failed sneeze.  (OK, something else does compare, but I’m not going there today.)

Then comes the build up.  The pressure builds and builds.  I stumble for a Kleenex with my eyes half closed when …


Oh man that feels so good!  There’s snot everywhere, but it still feels so satisfying.

And then I stare at the previously blank Kleenex like it’s filled with jewels just exploded from my brain.  Much like the finished First Draft.

“Hey look what I did!”

Turns out, the novel needs tons of rewriting to transform from gobbely-gook into something enjoyable.  Who knew.  In that vein, here’s a clip from The Hobbit that illustrates my full First Draft experience better than words ever could.


Update on the Book Front:

I’m filling in the last details like: What flowers grow in this country?  What soup is eaten here?  Touches like that.

Hoping to print out this draft in May for beta readers, and submit for agents in June.  Wish me luck!

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