Buzz and Woody to brighten your Monday

Because everyone needs more Toy Story


I’m going to be honest here, if I was driving down the road and saw that … I’d spew coffee.  Potentially out my nose.  I might or might not be pillaging the Buzz and Woody from kids’ rooms and tying them to the back of my car.

Like right now.

Update on Writing:

My query is written, and edited, and edited, and re-edited.  And finally finished.  Yeah!  (FYI, a “query” is the book version of a “resume.”  Fit everything an agent needs to know about my book onto one page.)

I’ve also researched several literary agents and am now stalking following them on Twitter.

Now I just have to finish editing this book so I can send it …. To Infinity and Beyond!

(I couldn’t help myself.)

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