Marjorie King: Engineer Turned SciFi Writer

Welcome fellow SciFi friends!

I’m Marjorie King, your Engineer Storyteller, bringing you SciFi/Fantasy reviews, and Nerdy laughs.

Have you ever snuggled up with a good book and binged, only to finish it way too soon?  I hate that!  I’ve fallen in love with characters and a storyworld, only to say goodbye before I’m ready.

A story hole.

So let’s get out of this hole!  Here at EngineerStoryteller:

  • Find a new story!
    • Every Friday I review a SciFi or Fantasy book that may be your next story crush.
  • Geek out with a group of fans over the story you just finished.
    • Tell me the book you love.
    • I’ll read it, do a review, and we can all gush over it together.
  • How do I deal with my story hole personally?  Glad you asked.
    • I create art inspired by the story.

Come on!  It’s not that weird.  How many of you out there have doodled a beloved character on the back of those boring meeting minutes?  I see you.  I know you’re out there.  And I do it too.  My favorite digital art form is digital collage, and that’s (mostly) what you’ll find here.

And then there’s laughter.  In a hurting and messy world, humor is my go-to.  Let’s share a nerdy laugh to survive Mondays, shall we?

Glad you dropped by, and I hope to see you again,

Marjorie King, Your Engineer Storyteller

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P.S.  Don’t know where to start?  How about Star Wars?  That’s always good on a SciFi website, right?

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