Book of Phoenix by Okorafor

The ends never justifies the means.

PhoenixBut if “the ends” bestows immortality or cures cancer, then the general public might just turn a blind eye and not ask questions. A free license to experiment gives painful birth to atrocity.

A girl/woman named Phoenix lives in Tower 7. She’s 3 years old, but–due to growth serum–has the mature body of a 40-year-old. The Big Eye claim her name comes from the city of her birth, Phoenix, AZ. All her short life, she accepts it as truth. Phoenix accepts everything done to her as normal.

But the masters of Tower 7, The Big Eye, allow her to read too much. Too much history. They let her become friends with other speciMen in the Tower. Friends who know and share truth. The Big Eye let her fall in love.

But they couldn’t have stopped that last one.

So The Big Eye kill the man she loved. Saead was expendable; Phoenix was valuable. But they underestimate her–her intelligence, her love, her remaining friends. She escapes. When The Big Eye catch and kill her, they fatally underestimate her power.

Only after dying does she learn the full meaning of her name:


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I’m in the middle of reading Binti, so more book reviews from the talented Nnedi Okorafor coming soon …

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