Killing Gravity by Corey J. White

If you ignore the bath of blood and piles of corpses, Killing Gravity is a delightful space romp.

Killing Gravity(Is it just me, or is that sentence just wrong?)

The main character, Mars, may be messed up, but I had fun hanging out with her.  She’s never had friends before the start of the book.  The crew of the Nova take her in which she finds baffling, but she helps them out.

When the BIG EVIL GOVERNMENT finds out she’s “friends” with the Nova crew, the B.E.G. hunt them down.  Capture them.  And promise to kill them if she doesn’t turn herself in.

Did I mention she’s a B.E.G. experiment gone deadly powerful?  Probably a bad idea to hurt her first friends.  Oops.

To give Mars credit:  She doesn’t kill unless she has to. But when it’s necessary, she does mass-killing justice.  And afterward she at least has the decency to feel really wretched about it.

Finally, there’s the cat.

His name is Seven, and I love him.  I melt for Space Operas with cats and would read this story again just for Seven.  He  even has his own delicious secret.  When you read it, it will make you happy all day long.  How do I know that?  Because I’m smiling just thinking about it now.

So, if you’re willing to wade through a blood bath to read a super-powered-experiment-gone-wrong girl and her pet (another experiment) flying cat in space, Killing Gravity is the one for you!

Oh, and hey, here’s my short story (free) if you want a quick read on your lunch break. Enjoy!

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