House of Binding Thorns by De Bodard

House of Binding Thorns:

Paris, Fallen Angels, Water Dragons, Crazy Plants, and Powerful Magic

Binding ThornsRead House of Binding Thorns while diffusing orange blossom and bergamot essential oils. I dare you. (Both intoxicating and terrifying.)

The stage is still dystopian Paris, but we’re moving from House Silverspires to House Hawthorne. That’s right, folks. Bring on Asmodeus. (Yessss!)

Someone is leaking Angel Essence to the Dragon Kingdom. A dragon spy–in human form–slips into House Hawthorne to find the source and report back. Without being caught (and tortured) by Asmodeus.

Berith, Asmodeus’s sister, grows weak and can no longer protect her pregnant lover. Berith refuses to leave where she’s put down roots, and her lover, Francoise, refuses to leave Berith. Asmodeus, however, always protects his own, forcefully if necessary.

Philippe is a doctor for the poor Viet district of Paris, and the rumors of his healing powers have spread. But he primarily desires to gather Isabelle back from the other side of death. A powerful magic Berith might share … for a price.

Tangled up in all this intrigue is Madeleine, who just wants to inhale Angel Essence and slip away. But she’s back in the service of House Hawthorne, and Asmodeus does not tolerant addicts. His methods of discipline might just scare Madeleine clean. Or dead.

Side note: Asmodeus is arranging for his marriage to a dragon. Thought you might find that tidbit interesting.

And that’s just the beginning…

If you haven’t read the first book in the series yet, here’s my review for House of Shattered Wings.

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