Empires End by Wendig

The Empire Ends on Jakku

Empires EndThe last shreds of the Empire have hidden. They’ve pulled together and regrouped somewhere, but where? The New Republic cannot find them.

Norra is on her own search

Norra’s husband betrayed the New Republic and shot Mon Monthma. Norra knows why: Rae Sloane. And Norra will have her revenge. Jas, Temmin, and Sinjir insist on helping her, and they track down a bounty hunter associated with Sloane. After some persuasion, he sends them to Jakku.

Once there, the team doesn’t just find Rae. They unearth the last remnants of the Empire. Accidentally. Oops. Norra and Jas go to the planet to hunt Sloane while Sinjir and Temmin return to Mon Monthma to warn her.

But Monthma has troubles of her own. Her popularity with the Senate is plummeting. They don’t believe the reports of the Empire gathering around Jakku. Many don’t want to go to war–not a majority but enough to stall the vote. She needs help too if she’s to rally the Senate one last time and send the resources to defeat, completely defeat, the Empire.

Sloane fights for her own vengeance

The plot at Chandrilla was not hers, though it’s been blamed on her. The cruel tactics the Empire uses on Jakku are not hers. This is not the Empire she served and loved. Gallius Rax has twisted it in his fervor to prepare the remnants for a new order, a stronger order, a First Order.

And did I forget to mention Mr. Bones? Yeah, Empires End has Mr. Bones too. What’s Star Wars without a crazy battle droid after all?

So, without further ado, the last book in the Aftermath trilogy: Empires End.

Quick plug for the Empires End audiobook, they added all the Star Wars sound effects. Robot parts whirring, lasers firing, even some John Williams fanfare. Really cool!

What!? You haven’t read the prequels? Are you crazy? OK, OK, here’s the links:

Here’s the spot on my blog where I offer my own short story. Of course, I always feel a little silly reviewing a well-known author and then offering my story at the end, but hey, mine’s free. So there!

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